Wi-Fi radiation risks

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Wi-Fi radiation risks

Postby TrollAMub » Sat Sep 24, 2022 10:43 pm

What are some of the possible effects of Wi-Fi on the body. Think of how you use you cell phones constantly, with some of the time spent with the phone at your ear (right at your head). Now think, is your cell phone exposing you to Wi-Fi radiation risks? If so, how?

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Re: Wi-Fi radiation risks

Postby penelope69 » Thu Sep 29, 2022 4:06 pm

From my research, the answer would be maybe. According to what I’ve read, scientist believe that the radiation levels are too low to cause any serious effects. From the FDA website, it states that there is no scientific evidence linking the exposure to radio frequency energy from your cell phone usage to any health problems. They also state that data over the last 30 years shows no widespread rise in brain or other nervous system cancers despite the increased use of cell phones. They actually say that these kinds of cancers have decrease over the past 15 years. But that still doesn’t mean they couldn’t pose a risk. I say this because some scientist say that there is more research that needs to be done on this issue and some of the research that we’ve done on this type of radiation has yielded mixed results. So, my suggestion is to caution on the safe side and be careful.

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