Dating Thai women - Understanding Thai culture
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When you are dating Thai women, it is important to understand the cultural influence that molds her behavior. Too many people make the mistake of not learning about the background of a person before they actually go out with them which usually means down the road. This "trouble" usually comes in the form of offended sensibilities, cultural shocks and the likes. It is only logical that you should learn what you are dealing with before you actually go out with them.

The Thai culture has a profound effect on a Thai womans behavior. In fact Thai women are under constant and tremendous social pressure to appear chaste and modest at all times. While the latest generation in Thai society which has grown up with the internet often differs a lot from such cultural expectations the majority of Thai women however observe them stringently.

For instance the Thai society expects the children to take care of their parents when they grow old and also respect them and their wishes. This directly affects the Thai womans attitude while dating as not only we she seek and rely on her parents approval while dating but also will gauge a partner by his willingness to help them! This is often where many western men fall flat and simply do not understand, or worse, misunderstand her intentions by thinking that she was simply trying to use them and their wealth.

This is actually "common sense" in Thailand and the partner will often take this as an opportunity to show of his independence and wealth by helping and giving gifts to the girls parents. When you are dating Thai women it is only natural that you will be expected to observe such traditions.

However do not think that only you have to do the changing. Change here has to be reciprocal, and your girl friend should also have a good understanding of what your expectations are going to be.

In such a setting it is best that you try a Thai dating site and try dating Thai women online before you actually date then in the real world. Not only are there no consequences when you are dating online but you can also get rid of the possibility of messing things up when you are going out with a person by understanding more about what your partner considers as just "obvious". Remember taking plenty of caution is paramount to a good online dating experience -- When looking for Thai dating make sure to be honest. The one thing Thai Girls hate more then anything is a person that does not tell the truth. Source:

Dating Thai women - Understanding Thai culture before dating Thai women

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