The Dos and Don’ts of Online One Night Stand Dating
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The Dos and Don'ts of Online One Night Stand Dating

There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to use one night stand sites. They are excellent ways to have fun without strings attached and commitments afterwards. However, you need to stay safe following these dos and don'ts of a one night stand. These tips will also help to avoid the encounter becoming messy and tricky to navigate.

DO: Be Honest with Yourself

Start by being completely honest with yourself. Is this really something that you want? There's nothing wrong with saying that it's not. If you know you'll be lonely afterwards and dislike yourself, a one night stand isn't for you. However, if you're really just looking for fun and no commitments with the person afterwards, throw yourself in!
DO: Be Honest with Your Partner

When you find someone to have a one night stand with, make sure you're both on the same page. This can sound like advice for a man looking for a one night stand, but it works the other way around. Not all men want a one night stand, after all! Be honest that this is what you want to make sure you both want the same thing.
DON'T: Do It Unprotected

There are many reasons not to have unprotected sex. When it comes to a one night stand, this isn't just about pregnancy. You want to make sure you have protection against STIs, especially if you're meeting someone online or in a bar.
DON'T: Assume Your Partner Will Have Protection

What if both of you assume each other will have protection? Even if you've had the discussion (which is certainly important) and your one night stand partner has agreed to bring the protection, bring some with you anyway. This will take your mind off the questions about whether the condoms will be broken out.
DO: Try New Things

A one night stand is the chance to try something new and enjoy your time. Don't be shy about it! Chances are you're not going to see this other person again, so you can be adventurous and sexy in the bedroom without worrying about thoughts the next morning.
DON'T: Sneak Out Afterwards

You'll hear a lot of people having one night stands and sneaking out the next morning. Some will even sneak out in the middle of the night. Don't be this person! Whether guy or gal, sneaking out is rude and can be demoralizing. The whole point of a one night stand is to not worry about awkwardness the next morning. Make small talk while you both get dressed and wait for the cab. Chat about the night and be thankful to each other. You'll find the encounter leaves plenty of positive memories for both.
The point of a one night stand is to have fun. It's all about the no strings attached sex, allowing you to enjoy the night and be adventurous. Follow the above dos and don'ts and you'll have a night that both of you can enjoy without ramifications later.
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