What Are The Requirements For The Japan
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When you are visiting the country of Japan, you will need to have a Japan visa. In this article, we tell you the entire application process and how to track your Japan visa application status online
Step 1: understanding the purpose of your visit.
The purpose of your visa determines your types. The following are the list of the visas available:

  • Short term visa where a stay of up to 90 days that does not include paid
  •   Long term visa where a stay of over 90 days for performing paid work
  •   Family members of the Indians with Japanese visa who can apply for Japan visa in India
  •  Medical visa for medical related services which includes the accompanying person of the patient.
  • Transit visa with limited activities.

Step 2: Gathering your documents
All you need to submit for the visa application is

  • Fully filled visa application form which can be downloaded online
  • Recent photograph
  • Letter of guarantee
  • Letter of invite
  • Itinerary of your trip

Step 3: Track Japan visa application status

You can easily track application to Japan now. Since the government would like to make this process as user friendly as possible to all generations, they have implemented the procedure where you can track Japanese visa online. You can track visa application to Japan by:

Check the website portal: The government has set up an online portal where all your data you have entered gets updated constantly. To track Japan visa status online, all you have to do is enter the reference number which is like a code along with your birth date.

Register for email or SMS alerts: If during your visa process you have registered your email id or phone number, you can track visa application easily on your phone. You can either get direct email alerts where you can track application status online or even SMS's with updates and alerts.

Processing service or agency contact: if you have registered with a visa processing service or agency, they will check your application and track status. They will constantly track application status online, and keep you updated about it. To track visa status, you can always contact them on their helpline and help you with your queries. You can also email the agency to track and email you with any updates or changes. The best way, however, to track is to visit the agency directly and ask the personnel in charge for updates.

About the Author:

Melissa Logan is an employee of Cox and Kings Global Services. Along with wanting to ensure that travellers have extensive information about various requirements For visa, she recommends individuals to track Japan visa application status online as an efficient way to save time. She emphasizes on the importance of keeping track of your visa status.

by: Melissa Logan

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